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Leserinterview zu Rifts: Promise of Power

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The following questions where in general the assumption of the most interesting questions asked by various readers of the N-Gage Community and pen & paper Rift-Fans.

N-Page: Is the player going to have to generate characters inside the context of one particular story in the Rifts Megaverse? Or is some system for converting characters going to be incorporated? Paper to game – game to paper?

Shane: The player will start off and create a main character. Through various adventures and quests, the player can add different characters to their party. If you would like to make an in-game character that is the same as your pen-and-paper, with some careful stats management and purchasing, you’ll be able to get surprisingly close to having your pen-and-paper character in the game. Going from the video game to pen-and-paper should be very easy, all of the stats and abilities are based on the Palladium system, and so it’ll be very seamless to go to paper.

N-Page: Now, second, I have seen on the site and I might be wrong, but it seems to me like its starting in the digital world the same as it did on paper, and that’s in North America, and focusing on the coalition. Does this mean that its starting at the beginning, before all the source and conversion stories? And if so, can we expect the same storyline to unfold?

Shane: In Rifts: Promise of Power, you explore various corners of the Rifts globe. You do start of in North America, but through the story of the game, you explore Quebec, China, Scotland and Germany – you get the full Rifts experience.

N-Page: How easy will the game be for beginners? Do I have to be a Rifts-Fan to understand the complex system?

Shane: We put a lot of thought into the best methods of introducing the Rift’s world to new players. We created three ‘meta-classes’ to ease the character into the world. You play as one of these classes until the end of level three, at which point you are more familiar with the world and the characters and you can chose which character class you want to play. There is also a lot of world explanation early on in the game, to help integrate the player into the Rifts world.

Kevin Siembiedia: I think the design team did a great job presenting and explaining the Rifts setting so well that it doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the pen and paper game or not. The videogame is complete in and of itself. Everything you need to know to have fun is there.

N-Page: Also, I noticed the artwork on the site is drawn by someone else? What happened to Kevin Long? Why did Kevin Siembiedia stop writing them?

Kevin Siembiedia: Kevin Long is an exceptional artist who worked for Palladium books for something like 10-12 years, first as a freelancer and then as our staff artist. Long and I also colaborated on a few Rifts and Heroes Unlimited titles in which he created concepts and artwork and I did the final writing. His two most notable for Rifts Being Rifts Africa & Triax and the NGR. Palladium and Mr. Long went their separate ways back in the mid-1990's. I believe he’s happy and busy working in the videogame business these days creating concept art and doing art direction.

Kevin Siembiedia: I have never stopped writing Rifts World and Sourcebooks. We did bring in some freelance writer to work on additional book, and even then I would read, edit, tweak and rewrite half the material for those books as I believe necessary. If you look at the credits pages you’ll see my name listed under “additional concepts and text” in almost every single Rifts title. I have a zillion ideas for Rifts and other genres, but I can only write so much in a year (4-8 books depending on their size). That means I need to bring in freelance writers to work on additional titles. I enjoy working with other creators, exchanging ideas and building on each other’s concepts. It helps to keep me fresh. Besides, I putting the finishing touches on Rifts Ultimate Edition right now. It’s a new, updated and revised edition of the original pen and paper RPG and right on time for Rifts 15 year anniversary.

N-Page: Also, I noticed the artwork on the site is drawn by someone else?

Shane: Much of the artwork on the site was done by comic book superstar – Pat Lee!! Pat brings a new perspective to the world and the art. Kevin couldn’t be happier to have Pat making art for the fans, Kevin is a huge comic-book fan and loves Pat’s interpretations of the Rifts world.

N-Page: Will the game incorporate the same melee systems? I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure all of palladium uses it.

Shane: Our combat system is based on the Rifts combat system, it’s been tweaked a little for the transition to video games, but fans will be very familiar with the system.

N-Page: Will the story be open-ended? How will it work? I it a complete new adventure out of the pen of Kevin S. or it a mixture of existing adventures?

Shane: The story has various paths through to the ultimate ending – the story is completely new, and Kevin had a lot of input early on in the story development. The story features familiar characters from the Rifts world such as Erin Tarn and the dragon Plato.

N-Page: And, oh my god, Kevin Siembiedia, you must have an N-Gage, will players be able to play with you online, because that would be an honour! You have been the cause of YEARS of lost sleep! I used to get my books taken away from me in junior high, because I wouldn’t stop reading them throughout class. My teachers hated it!

Kevin Siembiedia: Wow. I’m glad you enjoyed the Rifts RPG books so much. I think we gave a lot of teachers a headache. As for whether or not you’ll find me on line playing Rifts Promise of Power . . . who knows what the future may hold. smile

N-Page: How many worlds will there be and can you tell us more about the extent of the game?

Shane: Rifts: Promise of Power takes place exclusively on Rifts Earth. There are so many great opportunities for adventure on Rifts Earth, that we don’t feel the need to bring in other worlds and planes from the Rifts Megaverse.

N-Page: Will there be online co-op play?

Shane: Our primary focus with online has been pushing the boundaries with Turn Notification. This is something that’s never been done with N-Gage Arena and we really wanted to focus on getting it done right.

N-Page: Will there be Clan Support and is there the ability to download new levels and characters?

Shane: Rifts: Promise of Power will fully support N-Gage Arena friends list. Due to a variety of technical issues, we will not be offering downloads of levels and characters, but it is something that we really wanted to due, but simply weren’t able to.

N-Page: What kind of weapon systems and magic will be used? Will players be able to trade via blue tooth?

Shane: All of the weapons and magic are based on the original Rifts System. With the wide variety of spells and weapons available, we couldn’t cram all of them into the game, but we picked the ones we felt offered the most strategic options and best reflected the true flavour of the Rifts world. Players will not be able to trade weapons or spells over Bluetooth.

N-Page: Since the pen and paper adventures of Rifts never had a musical background, can you tell us more about the music support of the game? Which genres did you use, who made up the music, etc.?

Shane: Backbone Entertainment has some great musicians that they work with and we experimented with a lot of different styles before we came up with the Rifts theme as well as the different music that plays as your travel around the world.

N-Page: Will there be a demo of the game?

Shane: Yes, the downloadable demo of the game should be available near the retail release of the game in October.

N-Page: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Shane: Rifts: Promise of Power is going to set a very high bar for RPG’s on mobile and one that won’t be crossed for a very long time – prepare to be blown away!

Kevin Siembiedia: Shane’s right, I think gamers will be blown away. I know I was. I can hardly wait till it hit the store shelves this Fall so everyone can see for themselves! Whether you already know Rifts or are discovering it for the first time on the N-Gage, you are going to love this game.

The Interview was held by Kevin Jensen for N-Page.de. The questions were brought to us by the N-Page, N-Gage Arena Community and some Fans of the Pen and Paper RPG.

Thanks to Shane and Kevin S. for the kind support

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Autor: Kevin Jensen
Datum: 20.06.2005

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